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Rexroth PVV4-1X/122RA15LMC Vane pump

Brand Name Rexroth
Model Number PVV4-1X/122RA15LMC
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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##Parts Table 1##Rexroth PVV4-1X/122RA15LMC Vane pump

Regulator60651610 kN30,05 Kg
Cylinder Blocks15,87541,27526000 mm/min5.297 Inch | 134.544 Millimeter
Shoe Plates20 mm27 mm4 mmMetric
Piston Sets220 mm400 mm108 mm60 Kg
Cylinder Block260 mm360 mm100 mm30,05 Kg
Central Shaft2.688 Inch | 68.275 Millimeter4.531 Inch | 115.087 MillimeterFelt Seal10.124
Gear Pump2.125 Inch | 53.975 Millimeter2.188 Inch | 55.575 Millimeter3.125 Inch | 79.38 Millimeter6.401
Seal Kit For Hyd Pump0.669 Inch | 17 Millimeter1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter6.2 cm3 -
Rod5.0000 in9.0630 in0.14390 mm
Barrel Washer0.669 Inch | 17 Millimeter3.125 Inch | 79.38 Millimeter100 mm9.375 Inch | 238.125Millimeter
Set Plate65 mm100 mm18 mm0.41
Pump Right Rotating Group1.625096.00108 mm0.76


How do I choose a hydraulic vane pump?

  • 1、BH*, V* & DT6 HYDRAULIC VANE PUMPS ... In order to choose the most appropriate type of shaft, calculate said torque sum under the most unfavourable working.164 pages
  • 2、Mar 4, 2021 — A Vickers vane pump can be an excellent choice in many industrial and ... Vickers is a global leader in hydraulic industrial products.
  • 3、Dec 3, 2021 — What hydraulic vane pumps are used for. vane pump examples. Vane pumps tend to be a compromise between gear and piston pumps.
  • 4、Sep 1, 2020 — Hydraulic Parts Vane Pump Flow Problems. Vane pumps tend to stop pumping suddenly as opposed to gear pumps, which tend to lose efficiency ...
  • 5、Oct 7, 2015 — VANE PUMP OVERVIEW. Vane pumps are well known for their dry priming, ease of maintenance, good suction characteristics, and are a popular choice ...
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  • 8、As such, vane pumps produce less noise while maintaining a high flow and quite high pressures. They are a good choice for higher horsepower applications. They ...

What is the difference between vane pump and gear pump?

  • 1、In this video, I explained Comparison between Gear Pumps, Vane Pump and Piston Pump
  • 2、Jul 10, 2009 — A gear pump carries fluid between the teeth of two meshing gears. One gear is driven by the drive shaft and turns an idler gear. Gear and vane pumps are primarily used for fixed flow applications; they are positive displacement pumps that deliver the same volume for each cycle of the pumping element
  • 3、Jun 27, 2013 — What's the difference between gear pumps, peristaltic pumps, and flexible ... Rotary Vane—Operate like the flexible impeller pumps but use an 
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  • 6、popular. These are vane, gear, and piston pumps. ... The rotor of a vane pump houses the vanes and it ... is determined by the difference between the maxi-
  • 7、The difference between gear pump and vane pump · 1. All are reversed-type positive displacement pumps with certain self-priming capacity, but dry rotation is not 
  • 8、can successfully participate in the ... motor in the central supply, to- ... Figure 4: Overall efficiency of the T7B vane pump and internal gear pump of 32 ccm and 50 ccm ... Table 1: Comparison of rotation speeds in pressure-holding operation

How does a vane motor work?

  • 1、The vanes freely slide in and out of the rotor while the latter moves in a circular motion. Compressed air is forced into the assembly through an inlet port.
  • 2、Feb 17, 2022 — are pneumatic engines efficient? how do you make an engine run on air? how do you control the speed of a pneumatic motor? how does an air vane ...
  • 3、Vanemotors consist essentially of a rotor which revolves in an eccentrically offset perforation of the rotor cylinder. The vanes form working chambers, ...
  • 4、How does a vane motor work? — ? Vane motors A vane motor consists of a housing with an eccentric bore, in which runs a rotor with vanes in it that slide in ...
  • 5、still larger load capacities, and increased speed to do the job faster, the trend is toward high-speed, high-pressure hydraulic pumps and motors that allow.
  • 6、In Summary: Advantages of air motors (vane motors):. - Do not overheat due to overload (generally applies to all pneumatic actuators). - Since overheating due ...
  • 7、A vane motor consists of a housing with an eccentric bore, in which runs a rotor with vanes in it that slide in and out. The force differential created by the ...
  • 8、The walls of different surfaces defined by the vanes will be subject to different forces thereby driving the rotor in rotation. The volume of the compression ...

What is the purpose of vane pump?

  • 1、A sliding vane pump is illustrated in Figure 3. The rotor is mounted off-centre. Rectangular vanes are positioned at regular intervals around the curved ...
  • 2、Vane Pumps are intended for the transfer of low to medium viscosity liquids.
  • 3、MOCAREEL®, the new Rotary Vane Pump represents ... ODE Rotary Vane Pumps are designed to guarantee ... Vane Pump can function with fluids up to 70°C.
  • 4、Vane pumps are often applied in automatic transmission systems of vehicles. ... This model is limited as it uses a homogeneous approach; hence, ...
  • 5、A rotary vane pump is a positive-displacement pump that consists of vanes mounted to a rotor that rotates inside a cavity. In some cases these vanes can ...
  • 6、Oct 7, 2015 — A vane pump uses a rotating cylinder with slots (or rotors) housing a series of vanes that rotate inside the cavity.
  • 7、Common uses of vane pumps include high pressure hydraulic pumps and automotive uses including power steering and automatic transmission pumps.
  • 8、With smooth rotating motions, it is quieter than most gear pumps and piston pumps, and produces very smooth flow (no noticable pulsations).

What is balanced vane pump?

  • 1、TDZ Hydraulics introduce the most complete line of fixed displacement vane pumps, both for mobile and industrial applications. Hydraulically balanced ...
  • 2、HOF Hydraulic vane pump design is hydraulically balanced, all pumps are fixed displacement and balanced type vane pumps. With compact sizes, they are ...
  • 3、by K Hattori · 1987 · Cited by 18 — balanced vane pump which utilizes a cam ring and plates with the most suitable configuration to drastically reduce its flow ripple output which.
  • 4、Grainger's high-performance hydraulic vane pumps feature an intravane cartridge design to help provide longer operating life, superior volumetric efficiency ...
  • 5、Rotary balanced vane pump ... Hydraulic pressure applied to the piston by the fluid trapped between the vane and the sealing segment of the vane approaching ...
  • 6、Aug 12, 2016 — pump. Variable. Displacement, pressure compensated balanced vane pump ... The disadvantage of the unbalanced vane pump is the radial load ...51 pages
  • 7、Apr 10, 2021 — Vane pumps are hydraulic pumps that operate at very low noise levels. Hydraulic vane pumps operate with much lower flow pulsation. constant ...
  • 8、A balanced vane pump is a very versatile design that has found widespread use in both industrial and mobile applications. The basic design principle is ...

What are the two types of vane pumps?

  • 1、Apr 1, 2018 — Over the years, different types of pumps have been utilized in storage-terminal applications, with centrifugal and gear styles being common 
  • 2、8. What holds the vanes extended in a vane pump? · Solution: On initial start-up, vanes are extended by centrifugal force. · 10. What are two ways of positioning a 
  • 3、The cartridge contains a rotor, vanes and inserts, a cam ring and two covers. ... The pumps are extremely compact and are supplied with different types of either 
  • 4、SNP Sliding Vane Pumps; SMVP Seal-Less Mag-Drive Vane Pumps; Motor Speed Vane Pumps. A brief description of these different types of vane pumps and 
  • 5、The 4000 series rotary vane pumps are high technology volumetric pumps, available in 7 different displacements. Applications include reverse osmosis, cooling 
  • 6、A vane pump is a self-priming positive displacement pump providing constant flow at varying pressures. ... Other pump types lose efficiency as they wear. Multiple sealing options from Single Mechanical Seal, double mechanical seal and 
  • 7、The rotor of a vane pump houses the vanes and it ... The intra-vane is another type of vane construc- ... pump. A double vane pump consists of housing with two
  • 8、Vane Pumps types. There are two types of vane pumps: 1

How does rotary vane pump work?

  • 1、Working of Vane Pump · First of all, the power is delivered to the shaft through an electric motor or engine. · The shaft is connected with the rotor, which ...
  • 2、Vanes are allowed to slide into and out of the rotor and seal on all edges, creating vane chambers that do the pumping work. On the intake side of the pump, ...
  • 3、Apr 11, 2019 — How does a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Work? The rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the basic equipment for removing gas from sealed containers.Pump does not pump: 1. Damage to the pump ...Low vacuum degree: 1. The lack of oil; 2. Dirty ...There is noise while the pump is running: 1. The ...Oil leak: 1. Seals on bearings, end caps, oil wi...
  • 4、The rotor is sealed in the cam by two side plates. The vanes or blades fit into the rotor cavities. When the rotor rotates and fluid enters the pump, the ...
  • 5、Unlike a vibratory pump, a rotary pump is mechanical. ... about the inner workings of your machine, check out How Do Espresso Machines Work on our blog.
  • 6、Exhaust Filter and Adapter for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, 1/2" NPT. (mist eliminators). Permits discharge into clean work areas. Return collected oil to sump or ...
  • 7、Jun 5, 2017 — rotary lobe pumps ... How Does A Vane Pump Work? Vane pumps have a rotor with radial slots, which are positioned off-center in a housing ...
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How does a vane hydraulic pump work?

  • 1、As a PD pump, gear pumps, which are available with either external or internal gear designs, will deliver a constant amount of liquid with each revolution of ...
  • 2、Aug 24, 2015 — In most cases, the operating pressure of a vane pump will not go over 175 bars, but there are vane pumps that can operate at pressures ...
  • 3、Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are essential hydraulic components on every excavator, and their structure and working principle are very similar.
  • 4、Describe how a variable displacement unbalanced vane pump works. Define eccentricity and concentricity. Identify which positions produce max/min flow rate.Oct 7, 2016 · Uploaded by Jim Pytel
  • 5、Oct 19, 2020 — Vane pumps have been largely replaced by compact, durable gear pumps, with external gear pumps working best for high pressure and operating ...
  • 6、Vane pumps are designed to rotate in one direction while the vane motors are designed to operate in both directions, therefore the design refinements to ...2 answers  ·  2 votes: There are vane type motors and vane type pumps. They look similar and pumps "could" be ...
  • 7、Jun 5, 2017 — Vane action is aided by centrifugal force, hydraulic pressure, ... The pumps work well with low-viscosity liquids that easily fill the ...
  • 8、Vane pumps are hydraulic pumps that operate at very low noise levels. Hydraulic vane pumps operate with much lower flow pulsation, i.e. constant flow.



Rexroth R901085395 PVV51-1X/154-046RB15DDMC Vane pumpVoltage:AST850SM 2415; Rate Of Pressure Change:24; Moment of inertia rotary group:27; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:metal with bronze and graphite; Pilot Pressure:24.0000; Weight (approx.):24 +0 / 0.033; Sequence Valve:27 +0.021 / 0; Maximum rotational speed:27.000; Maximum Torque:24 +0.161 / +0.020; Flow:0.1070; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:1.460; Pressurefree Operation:15.000; Load Pressure:+0 / 0.40; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.700; Nominal Resistance:35; Rotary stiffness:0.500;
Rexroth R901083429 PVV54-1X/139-113LB15DDMC Vane pumpMaximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:AST850SM 2415; Control Pressure Measurement:24; Maximum angular acceleration:27; Control Fluid Drain:metal with bronze and graphite; Voltage:24.0000; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:24 +0 / 0.033; Drive Speed:27 +0.021 / 0; Nominal Resistance:27.000; Rotary stiffness:24 +0.161 / +0.020; Maximum Torque:0.1070; Load Pressure:1.460; Pressurefree Operation:15.000; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):+0 / 0.40; Maximum rotational speed:0.700; Moment of inertia rotary group:35; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:0.500;
Rexroth R901085392 PVV51-1X/139-027RB15DDMC Vane pumpVoltage:AST850SM 2415; Rotary stiffness:24; Determining Operating Characteristics:27; Power:metal with bronze and graphite; Drive Speed:24.0000; Flow:24 +0 / 0.033; Nominal Resistance:27 +0.021 / 0; Rate Of Pressure Change:27.000; Case volume:24 +0.161 / +0.020; Pressurefree Operation:0.1070; Maximum Volume Flow:1.460; Maximum rotational speed:15.000; Moment of inertia rotary group:+0 / 0.40; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:0.700; Control Fluid Drain:35; Drive Power:0.500;
Rexroth R901085385 PVV41-1X/113-018RB15DDMC Vane pumpMaximum Torque:AST850SM 2415; Control Pressure Measurement:24; Sequence Valve:27; Power:metal with bronze and graphite; Load Pressure:24.0000; Pilot Pressure:24 +0 / 0.033; Drive Power:27 +0.021 / 0; Weight (approx.):27.000; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):24 +0.161 / +0.020; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:0.1070; Determining Operating Characteristics:1.460; Voltage:15.000; Maximum rotational speed:+0 / 0.40; Rate Of Pressure Change:0.700; Maximum angular acceleration:35; Flow:0.500;
Rexroth R901085387 PVV42-1X/098-040RB15DDMC Vane pumpWeight (approx.):AST850SM 2415; Maximum Volume Flow:24; Voltage:27; Rotary stiffness:metal with bronze and graphite; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:24.0000; Control Pressure Measurement:24 +0 / 0.033; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:27 +0.021 / 0; Determining Operating Characteristics:27.000; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:24 +0.161 / +0.020; Load Pressure:0.1070; Maximum rotational speed:1.460; Moment of inertia rotary group:15.000; Flow:+0 / 0.40; Drive Speed:0.700; Torque:35; Maximum angular acceleration:0.500;
Rexroth R901085381 PVV21-1X/068-018RB15DDMB Vane pumpMaximum Torque:AST850SM 2415; Case volume:24; Power:27; Pilot Pressure:metal with bronze and graphite; Nominal Resistance:24.0000; Maximum rotational speed:24 +0 / 0.033; Drive Power:27 +0.021 / 0; Flow:27.000; Weight (approx.):24 +0.161 / +0.020; Control Fluid Drain:0.1070; Moment of inertia rotary group:1.460; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:15.000; Determining Operating Characteristics:+0 / 0.40; Voltage:0.700; Pressurefree Operation:35; Rate Of Pressure Change:0.500;
Rexroth R901085379 PVV21-1X/055-027RB15DDMB Vane pumpDisplacement, geometric, per revolution:AST850SM 2415; Sequence Valve:24; Control Fluid Drain:27; Moment of inertia rotary group:metal with bronze and graphite; Maximum rotational speed:24.0000; Drive Speed:24 +0 / 0.033; Drive Power:27 +0.021 / 0; Rotary stiffness:27.000; Flow:24 +0.161 / +0.020; Control Pressure Measurement:0.1070; Pilot Pressure:1.460; Power:15.000; Voltage:+0 / 0.40; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.700; Pressurefree Operation:35; Maximum Volume Flow:0.500;
Rexroth R901085383 PVV41-1X/122-027RB15DDMC Vane pumpLoad Pressure:AST850SM 2415; Maximum Volume Flow:24; Power:27; Sequence Valve:metal with bronze and graphite; Drive Speed:24.0000; Rate Of Pressure Change:24 +0 / 0.033; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:27 +0.021 / 0; Flow:27.000; Control Pressure Measurement:24 +0.161 / +0.020; Torque:0.1070; Maximum rotational speed:1.460; Pilot Pressure:15.000; Weight (approx.):+0 / 0.40; Control Fluid Drain:0.700; Nominal Resistance:35; Moment of inertia rotary group:0.500;
Rexroth R901085390 PVV42-1X/082-045RB15DDMC Vane pumpDisplacement, geometric, per revolution:AST850SM 2415; Rate Of Pressure Change:24; Torque:27; Maximum angular acceleration:metal with bronze and graphite; Maximum Volume Flow:24.0000; Drive Speed:24 +0 / 0.033; Control Fluid Drain:27 +0.021 / 0; Pilot Pressure:27.000; Load Pressure:24 +0.161 / +0.020; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:0.1070; Voltage:1.460; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:15.000; Rotary stiffness:+0 / 0.40; Maximum Torque:0.700; Moment of inertia rotary group:35; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.500;
Rexroth R901084887 PVV52-1X/193-045RA15DDMC Vane pumpFlow:AST850SM 2415; Determining Operating Characteristics:24; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:27; Sequence Valve:metal with bronze and graphite; Control Pressure Measurement:24.0000; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):24 +0 / 0.033; Maximum angular acceleration:27 +0.021 / 0; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:27.000; Nominal Resistance:24 +0.161 / +0.020; Load Pressure:0.1070; Maximum Torque:1.460; Drive Power:15.000; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:+0 / 0.40; Case volume:0.700; Pressurefree Operation:35; Rotary stiffness:0.500;


Rexroth vane pump PVV4-1X 098RA15UMC single - YoYCartRexroth vane pump PVV4-1X 098RA15UMC single pump pvv4-1X-113RA15DMC spot on sale,buy cheap Rexroth vane pump PVV4-1X 098RA15UMC single Hydraulic pump - Hydro-Funk GmbHBosch Rexroth PVV4-1X/122RA15LMC Vane pump. Brand: Bosch Rexroth. Code: R900945761. Detail · Bosch Rexroth PVV5-1X/162LA15DMC Vane pump

PVV – Fixed displacement vane pumps | Bosch Rexroth USAR900926823, PVV2-1X/068RA15UMB, 3, 10, RE10335. R900936293, PVV4-1X/069RA15DMC, 3, 10, RE10335. R900931548, PVV4-1X/082RA15DMC, 5, 10 Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics R900929542, PVV4-1XBosch Rexroth Hydraulics R900929542, PVV4-1X/122RA15DMC. Fixed displacement vane pump, 11.19 cu-in per revolution, 3045 psi maximum operating Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics R900930907, PVV4-1XBosch Rexroth Hydraulics R900930907, PVV4-1X/098RA15UMC. Fixed displacement vane pump, 5.96 cu-in per revolution, 3045 psi maximum operating Rexroth - Power Parts ProR900945544 PVV5-1X/193LB15DMC · R900945761 PVV4-1X/122RA15LMC · R900945792 P2V7/40-45C0+V7/25-30D0RE37+01E4 · R900945850 PVV4-1X/ Rexroth Vane Pumps PVV4-1X/122RA15UMC - Saar HydraulicQuality Vane Pumps manufacturers & exporter - buy Rexroth Vane Pumps PVV4-1X/122RA15UMC from China manufacturerRexroth Vane Pumps, hydraulic vane pumps, rexroth pumpsนิวแอนด์ไฮด์ จำหน่ายปั๊มไฮดรอลิก แบบใบพัด (Rexroth Hydraulic Vane Pumps) ปั๊ม 193; Component series 1X; Maximum operating pressure 210 bar; Maximum 


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