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Rexroth PVV5-1X/183RA15DMB Vane pump

Brand Name Rexroth
Model Number PVV5-1X/183RA15DMB
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##Parts Table 1##Rexroth PVV5-1X/183RA15DMB Vane pump

Cylinder182031171547188 mm
Central Shaft500 mm670 mm128 mm0.55
Ball Guide170 mm310 mm52 mm17.4 Kg
The Ball Hinge Spring3.75 Inch | 95.25 Millimeter4.13 Inch | 104.9 Millimeter1924.97
Bearings1.969 Inch | 50 Millimeter4.02 Inch | 102.1 Millimeter1400 r/min4.54
Gear Pump2.165 Inch | 55 Millimeter3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter0.709 Inch | 18 Millimeter -
Regulator1.969 Inch | 50 Millimeter4.331 Inch | 110 Millimeter1.063 Inch | 27 Millimeter1.25
Spacer0.866 Inch | 21.996 Millimeter1.81 Inch | 45.974 Millimeter4 Bolt Square Flange Block0.13
Rod1.378 Inch | 35 Millimeter3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter1.374 Inch | 34.9 Millimeter0.777
Block Springs45 mm85 mm19 mm188 mm
Ball Guides110 mm170 mm28 mm3 mm
Skeleton Oil Seal0,043 Kg3.75 Inch | 95.25 Millimeter25 mmCylindrical Roller Bearing
Oil Distribution Plate50031171547170 mm7.6 Inch | 193 Millimeter
Guide Ball1.760 °NU310MC3Double Row | Single Nut


What are the two types of vane pumps?

  • 1、Aug 21, 2017 — A rotary vane pump is a type of positive-displacement pump which ... There are two types of vane pumps available in the market today: the fixed 
  • 2、Dec 12, 2018 — When making the final choice in pump type, several crucial factors need ... PD pumps are available in two categories—reciprocating and rotary, 
  • 3、able two-quadrant pumps (pumps in which the P- and ... construction type, with respect to its hydraulic ... Figure 3: Integrated vane pump on a synchronous motor
  • 4、Pumping element designs include gears, lobes, rotary pistons, vanes, and screws. PD pumps are ... Types of rotary pumps include cam-and-piston, internal-gear, lobular, screw, and vane ... two circles are offset, causing eccentricity. Vanes are 
  • 5、There are two basic types of vane pumps, internal and external. See Figs. 7.2 and 7.3, The internal vane pump has the sliding vanes in the eccentric rotor or cam 
  • 6、Dec 16, 2018 — There are two typical types of gear pumps: internal and external gear, both of which transport liquids through the action of a series of gears 
  • 7、Denison Vane Technology | T-Series Vane PumpsMultiple vane pumps have been specially designed for the ... Three different types of vane pump cartridges: 
  • 8、Vane pumps, like other types, come in double units. A double pump consists of two pumping units in the same housing. They may be of the same or different sizes

How do I choose a hydraulic vane pump?

  • 1、Let us help you select the perfect pump for your next projects. There are many types of positive displacement pumps that work best for a variety of different ...
  • 2、Multiple pumps. Modular assembly with fixed or variable displacement pumps for flexible hydraulic power management. double vanes • multiple vanes. axial pistons ...
  • 3、Sep 1, 1991 — Fixed displacement pumps will continue to be a popular choice for hydraulic system designers for decades to come. These pumps are used in ...
  • 4、A vane pump driven by an engine to serve generally as a source of hydraulic fluid pressure for operating a power steering apparatus.
  • 5、Radial piston pumps; Rotary vane pumps; External gear pumps; Internal gear pumps. Pumps produce flow. Pressure is resistance to flow. Whereas centrifugal pumps ...Jul 4, 2019 · Uploaded by Thomas, a Xometry Company
  • 6、Denison vane pumps build from stock with any combination of different cartridges in single, double and triple pumps. Denison Hydraulics by Parker Hannifin.
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What is the difference between vane pump and gear pump?

  • 1、gear pumps; lobe pumps; vane pumps; progressive cavity pumps; peripheral pumps; screw pumps. In a gear pump the liquid is trapped by the opening between 
  • 2、Jul 10, 2009 — A gear pump carries fluid between the teeth of two meshing gears. One gear is driven by the drive shaft and turns an idler gear. Gear and vane pumps are primarily used for fixed flow applications; they are positive displacement pumps that deliver the same volume for each cycle of the pumping element
  • 3、Vane pumps are available in a number of vane configurations including sliding vane (left), flexible vane, swinging vane, rolling vane, and external vane. Vane 
  • 4、Sep 20, 2013 — The simplest type of fixed-displacement pump is the gear pump, in which ... In a variable-displacement pump, the flow rate and outlet pressure can be ... pump is the rotary vane pump, which is a variation of the gear pump in 
  • 5、between a positive-displacement (PD) or centrifugal-style pump. While the majority of the world's pumping tasks ... Sliding vane and gear pumps are two of the most widely ... Comparison of Sliding Vane Pumps Vs. Internal Gear Pumps
  • 6、What is the purpose of a hydraulic pump in a fluid power system ? Purpose of hydraulic ... by electric motor. 2 Differentiate between positive displacement and non-positive displacement pump ... Vane Pumps ( fixed or variable displacement pumps) ... Why gear pumps cannot be used as a variable displacement pump. In the 
  • 7、between the cam ring and vane tips). • The vane pump is not damaged at low speed and high pressure operation because pumping action does not start
  • 8、Understand the difference between centrifugal ... Internal Gear Pumps. Two Working Parts. • Rotor and Shaft. • Idler Gear ... Fluid is transferred between vanes

What is balanced vane pump?

  • 1、Dec 14, 2019 — Vane pumps will operate efficiently on low-viscosity fluids such as ammonia, solvents, alcohol, fuel oil, gasoline, and refrigerants.
  • 2、Download scientific diagram | Inner parts of a balanced vane pump consisting of the rotor, twelve vanes, and the cam ring. from publication: A CFD ...
  • 3、Aug 27, 2020 — Unbalanced vane pump with stabilized delivery. Unbalanced vane pump with pressure-compensated inconsistent delivery. Balanced vane pump.
  • 4、A rotary vane pump is a positive-displacement pump that consists of vanes ... vane pump: Unbalanced vane pumps are of two varieties: Balanced vane pump.
  • 5、by K Hattori · 1987 · Cited by 18 — balanced vane pump which utilizes a cam ring and plates with the most suitable configuration to drastically reduce its flow ripple output which.
  • 6、Balance vane pumps are a very versatile design and have been widely used in pumps for industrial and mobile applications. The rotor blade is contained in a ...
  • 7、Jul 1, 2014 — This article describes the friction characteristics at a vane tip, which causes primary loss of torque in a balanced vane pump, ...
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How does a vane motor work?

  • 1、How it works. A hydraulic vane pump is fitted to the engine in place of the gearbox. This pump draws hydraulic fluid from a storage tank and delivers it ...
  • 2、The vanes freely slide in and out of the rotor while the latter moves in a circular motion. Compressed air is forced into the assembly through an inlet port.
  • 3、Oct 15, 2019 — Hydraulic pump types include gear pumps, rotary vane pumps, radial piston pumps and axial piston pumps. How it works. To understand how a ...
  • 4、High-speed, high-pressure Eaton M Series vane motors are field-proven to provide years of successful operation in elevator scraper drives, ...
  • 5、Dec 3, 2021 — How hydraulic vane pumps work ... Vane pumps work because the rotation of the drive shaft turns vanes inside the eccentric housing. Pressure is ...
  • 6、Mar 17, 2015 — Vane Motors. A vane motor consists of five major components: a rotor, vanes, the motor housing, the internal cylinder, and a set of end plates ...
  • 7、How it Works ... Blackmer sliding vane pumps use a rotor with sliding vanes that draw the liquid in behind each vane, through the inlet port and into the pumping ...
  • 8、Piston and vane pumps will not work as a hydraulic motor at all. Motors are motors and pumps are pumps. If we compared this to an automobile, we would never ...

How does rotary vane pump work?

  • 1、Vanes are allowed to slide into and out of the rotor and seal on all edges, creating vane chambers that do the pumping work. On the intake side of the pump, ...
  • 2、The user must authorise the operating personnel to do the work that has to be done. The personnel must have read and understood the operation manual completely ...
  • 3、Rotary pumps operate with the use of a rotor or turning mechanism. They often include grates or vanes. Each mechanism works in a different manner and can ...
  • 4、The pump rotor is mounted eccentrically in the pump cylinder. As the pump rotor turns, inlet air is trapped between the rotor and vane segments (see #1 in the ...
  • 5、When the rotor turns the centrifugal force throws the vanes against the cylindrical wall and creates a chamber between the rotor and the cylinder. As the rotor ...
  • 6、How does a Rotary Vane Pump Work? ... The Gas Enters the Suction Chamber and is immediately compressed by the vane of the rotor. As the rotor rotates, it pushes ...
  • 7、How Do Rotary Vane Pumps and Compressors Work? The rotary vane unit cylindrical head consists of a rotor with slots for vanes (pump blades). The rotary vane ...
  • 8、Rotary vanes and bearings are lubricated automatically at an optimized oil pressure. This results in lower ultimate pressures and stabilizes the temperature of ...

What is the purpose of vane pump?

  • 1、In a vane-type pump, a slotted rotor splined to a drive shaft rotates between closely fitted side plates that are inside of an elliptical- or ...
  • 2、Vane Pumps are intended for the transfer of low to medium viscosity liquids.
  • 3、For a sliding vane pump to function properly, the blade must always contact the cam wall to form a tight seal. Centrifugal force provides some force to ...
  • 4、MOCAREEL®, the new Rotary Vane Pump represents ... ODE Rotary Vane Pumps are designed to guarantee ... Vane Pump can function with fluids up to 70°C.
  • 5、Application of Vane Pump : · Aerosol and Propellants · Aviation Service – Fuel Transfer, Deicing · Auto Industry – Fuels, Lubes, Refrigeration Coolants · Bulk ...
  • 6、Sep 1, 1991 — 250 Bar Vane Pump 911801. Fixed displacement pumps will continue to be a popular choice for hydraulic system designers for decades to come.
  • 7、Oct 7, 2015 — A vane pump uses a rotating cylinder with slots (or rotors) housing a series of vanes that rotate inside the cavity.
  • 8、Automakers use vane pumps to pressurize the low-viscosity hydraulic fluid found in power-steering systems, for which the original Vickers pump was developed.

How does a vane hydraulic pump work?

  • 1、May 2, 2021 — Hydrostatic pumps are positive displacement pumps while hydrodynamic pumps are fixed displacement pumps. All hydrostatic pumps work on the ...
  • 2、How a rotary vane pumps works. Rotary vane pumps are a type of positive displacement pump. Like all positive displacement pumps, the flow rate is always ...
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  • 4、Reciprocating pumps - piston, plunger, and diaphragm; Variable-stroke pumps; Rotary pumps - gear, lobe, screw, and vane. A positive-displacement pump is one in ...
  • 5、Aug 24, 2015 — In most cases, the operating pressure of a vane pump will not go over 175 bars, but there are vane pumps that can operate at pressures ...
  • 6、How Does a Hydraulic Vane Pump Work? While various vane pump configurations exist, they essentially operate the same way. Hydraulic vane pumps are efficient and ...
  • 7、Schematic diagram of variable displacement vane pump is shown in Fig.1.14.Variable displacement feature can be brought into vane pumps by varying eccentricity ...
  • 8、Jan 1, 2012 — A hydraulic pump is a mechanical device that converts mechanical power into ... of changes in pressure against which the pump is working.



Rexroth R901085392 PVV51-1X/139-027RB15DDMC Vane pumpDrive Speed:1.1875 in; Maximum rotational speed:6590 lbf; Case volume:4.0000 in; Maximum Torque:4020 lbf; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Round; Flow:Contact with Flinger; Drive Power:Medium Duty; Load Pressure:1.693 in; Torque:Four-Bolt Flange; Voltage:Lubrication Fitting; Pilot Pressure:Cast Iron; Weight (approx.):UKFX00+HA2000; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Adapter Sleeve; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:UKX07+HA2307; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);
Rexroth R901085381 PVV21-1X/068-018RB15DDMB Vane pumpCase volume:1.1875 in; Maximum Torque:6590 lbf; Torque:4.0000 in; Power:4020 lbf; Pressurefree Operation:Round; Control Pressure Measurement:Contact with Flinger; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Medium Duty; Rotary stiffness:1.693 in; Voltage:Four-Bolt Flange; Drive Speed:Lubrication Fitting; Flow:Cast Iron; Drive Power:UKFX00+HA2000; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Adapter Sleeve; Pilot Pressure:UKX07+HA2307; Load Pressure:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);
Rexroth R901085395 PVV51-1X/154-046RB15DDMC Vane pumpRate Of Pressure Change:1.1875 in; Flow:6590 lbf; Sequence Valve:4.0000 in; Voltage:4020 lbf; Nominal Resistance:Round; Drive Power:Contact with Flinger; Rotary stiffness:Medium Duty; Determining Operating Characteristics:1.693 in; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Four-Bolt Flange; Maximum angular acceleration:Lubrication Fitting; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Cast Iron; Load Pressure:UKFX00+HA2000; Maximum Torque:Adapter Sleeve; Pressurefree Operation:UKX07+HA2307; Control Pressure Measurement:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);
Rexroth R901084887 PVV52-1X/193-045RA15DDMC Vane pumpNominal Resistance:1.1875 in; Drive Power:6590 lbf; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:4.0000 in; Maximum Torque:4020 lbf; Maximum rotational speed:Round; Maximum Volume Flow:Contact with Flinger; Pilot Pressure:Medium Duty; Sequence Valve:1.693 in; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Four-Bolt Flange; Pressurefree Operation:Lubrication Fitting; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Cast Iron; Case volume:UKFX00+HA2000; Voltage:Adapter Sleeve; Torque:UKX07+HA2307; Drive Speed:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);
Rexroth R901085383 PVV41-1X/122-027RB15DDMC Vane pumpCase volume:1.1875 in; Drive Power:6590 lbf; Rate Of Pressure Change:4.0000 in; Nominal Resistance:4020 lbf; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Round; Moment of inertia rotary group:Contact with Flinger; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Medium Duty; Maximum Volume Flow:1.693 in; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Four-Bolt Flange; Control Fluid Drain:Lubrication Fitting; Load Pressure:Cast Iron; Control Pressure Measurement:UKFX00+HA2000; Weight (approx.):Adapter Sleeve; Maximum rotational speed:UKX07+HA2307; Voltage:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);
Rexroth R901085385 PVV41-1X/113-018RB15DDMC Vane pumpWeight (approx.):1.1875 in; Maximum rotational speed:6590 lbf; Case volume:4.0000 in; Sequence Valve:4020 lbf; Control Fluid Drain:Round; Power:Contact with Flinger; Maximum Torque:Medium Duty; Determining Operating Characteristics:1.693 in; Moment of inertia rotary group:Four-Bolt Flange; Pilot Pressure:Lubrication Fitting; Drive Power:Cast Iron; Torque:UKFX00+HA2000; Voltage:Adapter Sleeve; Load Pressure:UKX07+HA2307; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);
Rexroth R901083429 PVV54-1X/139-113LB15DDMC Vane pumpMoment of inertia rotary group:1.1875 in; Weight (approx.):6590 lbf; Drive Speed:4.0000 in; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:4020 lbf; Nominal Resistance:Round; Case volume:Contact with Flinger; Maximum Volume Flow:Medium Duty; Control Fluid Drain:1.693 in; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Four-Bolt Flange; Maximum Torque:Lubrication Fitting; Maximum angular acceleration:Cast Iron; Torque:UKFX00+HA2000; Rate Of Pressure Change:Adapter Sleeve; Voltage:UKX07+HA2307; Power:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);
Rexroth R901085387 PVV42-1X/098-040RB15DDMC Vane pumpWeight (approx.):1.1875 in; Rate Of Pressure Change:6590 lbf; Pressurefree Operation:4.0000 in; Flow:4020 lbf; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Round; Rotary stiffness:Contact with Flinger; Drive Power:Medium Duty; Determining Operating Characteristics:1.693 in; Sequence Valve:Four-Bolt Flange; Maximum Volume Flow:Lubrication Fitting; Power:Cast Iron; Control Pressure Measurement:UKFX00+HA2000; Load Pressure:Adapter Sleeve; Maximum Torque:UKX07+HA2307; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);
Rexroth R901085379 PVV21-1X/055-027RB15DDMB Vane pumpMaximum Volume Flow:1.1875 in; Pilot Pressure:6590 lbf; Case volume:4.0000 in; Rate Of Pressure Change:4020 lbf; Weight (approx.):Round; Power:Contact with Flinger; Nominal Resistance:Medium Duty; Determining Operating Characteristics:1.693 in; Drive Speed:Four-Bolt Flange; Torque:Lubrication Fitting; Rotary stiffness:Cast Iron; Moment of inertia rotary group:UKFX00+HA2000; Flow:Adapter Sleeve; Maximum angular acceleration:UKX07+HA2307; Pressurefree Operation:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);
Rexroth R901085390 PVV42-1X/082-045RB15DDMC Vane pumpMaximum Axial Force At Standstill:1.1875 in; Torque:6590 lbf; Voltage:4.0000 in; Maximum rotational speed:4020 lbf; Moment of inertia rotary group:Round; Control Pressure Measurement:Contact with Flinger; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Medium Duty; Drive Power:1.693 in; Maximum angular acceleration:Four-Bolt Flange; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Lubrication Fitting; Maximum Torque:Cast Iron; Rotary stiffness:UKFX00+HA2000; Sequence Valve:Adapter Sleeve; Control Fluid Drain:UKX07+HA2307; Nominal Resistance:Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed);


Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics R900939078, PVV5-1XFixed displacement vane pump, 11.80 cu-in per revolution, 3045 psi maximum operating pressure, double pumpRexroth PVV of PVV1,PVV2,PVV4,PVV5 Hydraulic VaneAug 22, 2014 - PVV5-1X/162RA15DMB, PVV5-1X/183RA15DMB, PVV5-1X/193RA15DMB,. Hydraulic Motor India. We are Dealing & Equivalent Replacement 

Bosch Rexroth PVV5-1X/193RA15UMC Vane pump - MercateoBosch Rexroth PVV5-1X/193RA15UMC Vane pump (R900928769) in 'Industrial products' > 'Industrial products': Order best price offers online for Bosch Rexroth pompa PVV5-1X/183RA15DMB, Bosch, HydraulikaDo zaoferowania posiadamy pompy hydrauliczne Bosch/Rexroth typu: PVV1-1X/036RA15DMB, PVV1-1X/046RA15DMB, PVV2-1X/055RA15DMB,Rexroth Pvv Of Pvv1,Pvv2,Pvv4,Pvv5 Hydraulic Vane Pump - BuyRexroth PVV of PVV1,PVV2,PVV4,PVV5 hydraulic vane pump. 1. High performance, low noise and long life. 2. Completely interchangeable with original. 3Rexroth PVV hydraulic vane pump - Hydraulic Piston PumpQuality Rexroth PVV hydraulic vane pump for sale - buy cheap Rexroth PVV hydraulic vane pump from Hydraulic Vane Pump manufacturers & Hydraulic Vane Rexroth PVV of PVV1,PVV2,PVV4,PVV5 hydraulic vane pumpRexroth PVV of PVV1,PVV2,PVV4,PVV5 hydraulic vane pump, US $ 150 - 400 / Unit, Zhejiang, China (Mainland), Rexroth, PVV1,PVV2,PVV4,PVV5.Source from PVV – Fixed displacement vane pumps | Bosch Rexroth USAR900936294, PVV4-1X/098RA15DMC, 3, 10, RE10335. R900929542, PVV4-1X/122RA15DMC, 3, 10, RE10335. R900936296, PVV5-1X/154RA15DMC, 3, 10 


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