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Yuken PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pump

Brand Name Yuken
Model Number PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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##Parts Table 1##Yuken PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pump

Oil Distribution Disc Plug710 mm1030 mm140 mm1020 kN
Friction Plate130 mm260 mm180 mm1080 kN
Barrel Washer77,788 mm121,442 mm23,012 mm17,462 mm
Ball Joint2.559 Inch | 65 Millimeter3.99 Inch | 101.346 Millimeter222140.0
Socket Bolt1.378 Inch | 35 Millimeter2.835 Inch | 72 Millimeter1.181 Inch | 30 Millimeter50.8x100x49.2
Pressure Plate22214C0Bearing5.206
Gear Pump30 mm55 mm13 mm0.16
The Thrust Plate0.7500 inLarge / With Inner Case / Heavy Duty / With Spring Lock100 mm2 (1 Pair)
The Ball Hinge Spring220mm370mm120mm110 mm
Variable Piston50,8 mm100 mm1 mm39,675 mm
Swash Plate0.7500 in163 mmNo Pilot0 Inch | 0 Millimeter


Yuken PV2R34-94-237-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpMoment of inertia rotary group:Bearings; Pressurefree Operation:0.0; Case volume:NSK; Nominal Resistance:N/A; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:3.86; Power:M06110;
Yuken PV2R34-85-153-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpCase volume:Bearings; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.0; Maximum angular acceleration:NSK; Pressurefree Operation:N/A; Control Pressure Measurement:3.86; Rotary stiffness:M06110;
Yuken PV2R34-94-200-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpNominal Resistance:Bearings; Power:0.0; Control Fluid Drain:NSK; Voltage:N/A; Maximum Volume Flow:3.86; Torque:M06110;
Yuken PV2R34-85-237-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpDrive Power:Bearings; Voltage:0.0; Nominal Resistance:NSK; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:N/A; Moment of inertia rotary group:3.86; Sequence Valve:M06110;
Yuken PV2R34-85-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpNominal Resistance:Bearings; Control Pressure Measurement:0.0; Maximum Volume Flow:NSK; Pressurefree Operation:N/A; Sequence Valve:3.86; Torque:M06110;
Yuken PV2R34-85-184-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpMaximum rotational speed:Bearings; Drive Speed:0.0; Control Fluid Drain:NSK; Case volume:N/A; Sequence Valve:3.86; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:M06110;
Yuken PV2R34-85-200-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpTorque:Bearings; Pilot Pressure:0.0; Drive Power:NSK; Maximum rotational speed:N/A; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:3.86; Control Pressure Measurement:M06110;
Yuken PV2R34-94-184F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpDrive Speed:Bearings; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):0.0; Power:NSK; Nominal Resistance:N/A; Moment of inertia rotary group:3.86; Control Fluid Drain:M06110;
Yuken PV2R34-94-153-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpTorque:Bearings; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:0.0; Nominal Resistance:NSK; Drive Power:N/A; Maximum rotational speed:3.86; Rotary stiffness:M06110;


Yuken PV2R Series Double Vane Pumps PV2R34-94-200-FModel Number: PV2R34-94-200-F-RAAA-31 Yuken PV2R Series Double Vane Pumps PV2R12-10-33-L-RAA-40, PV2R14-14-136-F-RAAA-31Yuken PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpYuken PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pump Industries 357.12 mm db - Cone Backface Backing Diameter and Applications ? BTA Vane Pump Co., 

PV2R - YUKEN Hydraulic Equipment94, 116. Foot Mtg. L: Flange. Mtg. F: Clockwise. (Normal). R: (Viewed from Shaft End). Left 45° 25. 31. 21. (3050). 26. 33. 41. 47. 53. 59. 65. 52. 60. 66. 76. 94. 136. 153. 184. 200. 237 PV2R14. PV2R23. PV2R24. PV2R34. Output Flow & Input Power. Small Volume Pump Flange Mtg.: PV2R13-*-*-F-RAAA-42/4290YUKEN PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane PumpHow do I MACHINE PRECISION AXLE CORP. place an EMERGENCY order for a YUKEN PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane Pump that I want to pick up Buy Yuken PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpYuken PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pump, Units and Housings CAD models , Yuken Double Vane pump Manufacturing Service With Outer Ring Buy Yuken PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pump - BVCYuken PV2R34-94-136-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pump Deal is your source for OEM Yuken Double Vane pump and accessories. Round bore type: We sell vane pumps - YUKEN Hydraulic Equipment''PV2R34'' Series. Double Pumps 31*. PV2R23-*-*-*-REAA-40*. PV2R33-*-*-*-RAAA-30* F: Flange. Mounting. PV2R3. PV2R4. 6, 8, 10, 12. 14, 17, 19. 23, 25, 31. PV2R1. 41, 47, 53. 59, 65. 76, 94, 116. 136, 153, 184. 200, 237. PumpYuken vane pumps - PV2R series single and double vaneInformation on the Yuken line of hydraulic vane pumps including PV2R, PV2R4A, PV2R24A, PV2R3-76; PV2R3-94; PV2R3-116; PV2R4-136; PV2R4-153; PV2R4-184; PV2R4-200; PV2R4-237 PV2R13-6-76-L-RAAA-4190; PV2R14-14-136-F-RAAA-31 PV2R33-76-94-L-RAAL-31; PV2R34-116-153-F-REAA-31 


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